About AMT Microwave Corporation

The Principals of AMT

The principals of AMT have been involved in the designing, testing, and manufacturing of RF / Microwave antennas and antenna systems for the defense and aerospace industries for over 25 years. We specialize in Spirals, Biconicals, Horns, Blades, and Radomes, in the 0.5-40 GHz frequency range. Our systems can be appropriate for a variety of platforms including military fighter and communication aircraft, UAVs, and shipboard and submarine applications

Decades of Experience

With decades of experience in specialized RF/Microwave Technologies we can meet your needs for Antennas and Integrated Antenna & Radome Assemblies for ESM, ECM, ELINT, and RWR systems. Whether you seek horn antennas, biconical antennas, spiral antennas or integrated antenna and radome assemblies, AMT Microwave Corporation can meet your demanding requirements. Our quality system is certified to AS 9100

AMT Microwave Corporation has been located at its present location in Camarillo, CA since 2003.